GTOBase is the best software for finding GTO-oriented RTAs and bots. The ΔEV parameter shows the similarity of the player’s strategy with the optimal one and highlights those who do not make mistakes. A real revolution in the fight for the fairness of the game.

Andrei ‘TylerRM’ StreltsouMTT Coach and Player

GTOBase is a resource I use almost on a daily basis. It’s a great tool for quickly finding preflop equilibrium solutions and ranges.

Artem ‘Vea’ VezhenkovSVschool Founder

Very smart analyzer of loaded hands. Nowhere have I seen a faster one with such high-quality calculations. Maximum user friendly application both in terms of interface and updates. Just think of a feature.. Wow.. and it’s already implemented. Definitely great team work.

Artem ‘Tema2010’ MorgunovSpin&Go Coach and Player

GTOBase is one of the best game development services to hit the market in recent times. With it, the convenience and speed of extracting information and getting answers to questions have increased many times over, which makes the learning process itself much more comfortable and enjoyable. GTOBase is the modern Aladdin lamp in the poker world 🙂

Grigory ‘GregXX’ RodinMTT Expert